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Search Smartly - The Latest and Greatest Property Search Tool!

I am sure you have heard, but searching for a new home and moving, is in the top ten most stressful life experiences. So of course, anything you can do to ease the process is a must… right?

Instead of doing a ton of research on properties yourself, you could hire a property agent. However, we have recently heard a revolutionary new tool. A tool that caters property listings to your preferences. Search Smartly is the UK’s latest property search tool that lets you find homes to buy and flats to rent in London and beyond.

A Better Way to Search for Property

Most property websites only let you filter listings by price, size, number of bedrooms, and a few other property-specific features. While it’s possible to search by area or town on other property sites, it can often be hard to get an accurate picture of that area. If you’re unfamiliar with it, how do you know if any good schools or shops are nearby?

By allowing you to use location-specific filters in addition to property-specific ones, Search Smartly takes the guessing game out of finding an ideal area. With over 10 search criteria related to schools, public transportation, work commute, green spaces, and more, you can find your dream flat in an area you’ll love!

Filter by Features You Care About

Searching smarter means filtering by criteria that actually matter to you. Here’s a rundown of a few that you may find.

In 2020, the year of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, green space became a top priority for property renters and buyers. Search Smartly will let you search by green space and show you the nearest parks and outdoor recreation areas closest to each property on its site.

Create Perfect knows and anyone with kids will know, that schools and catchment areas are a driving factor behind lots of property selections. If being near a good school is a must for you, you can give it the highest importance on Search Smartly. You’ll then only see flats and houses that are near lots of schools as a result.

Search Smartly is also one of the only UK property search websites to rank air quality for its listings. For large cities like London, clean air is becoming a higher priority in the face of climate change. Moving to an area with good air quality can benefit your health and overall wellness. Search Smartly is doing its part to help people make healthy living choices.

There are also lots more… If a short commute to an office is still important to you, you can rank it highly on Search Smartly’s filters, or if you don’t want to sit on a bus 45 min to reach the nearest supermarket, this can be in your search criteria. You can even include all the nearest gyms and fitness centres for each property.

Get Personalised Suggestions

After you input all your search criteria on Search Smartly, you’ll see a “SmartScore” for each property, from 0-10. You can easily compare top listings against each other, just by glancing at the score.

Search for Properties and Book Showings

Search Smartly does more than look for properties though. You can also request to book a showing directly through the website, without having to contact the landlord or property agent separately. Once you’ve found your dream home, you can also rely on Search Smartly for 24/7 support and a free move-in concierge.

To find out more about Search Smartly click through to the website. If you're struggling to design your new home or looking at the layout, check out our services here.

Photography: Create Perfect

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Hanna Ovr
28 set 2022

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