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  • Gina Everett

The 8 Biggest Interior Trends for 2020

If there's ever a perfect for updating your home, it's at the start of a new decade. After 10 years of looking at the same sofa, that same bedhead or kitchen, now is the time to get some fresh paint on the walls and update your tired units. If you want to make a serious statement this year then why not try incorporating one our hottest home decor trends of 2020.

As well as the return of black to interiors and the bold splash-backs that's said to be all the rave as we move through 2020, there's a lot more we're looking forward to. It's going to be a big year for making our spaces more social and even a little more dramatic. Whether you love being on-trends or prefer to avoid them I am sure there's something here to get you're creative juices flowing for your project too.

Crittall Window

Crittall-style windows have been staging a come back which will get into full swing this year. Those dreamy black frames have not only been filling up our Pinterest pages and been a popular choice for our clients too. Something you typically see as windows and doors, we, and other designers, have been looking at new ways of using Crittall in interiors. In 2019 we used it for interior windows and room dividers and this year we have already specified Crittall for two bathrooms as shower screens. We can easily see why everyone is obsessed with these stunning features.  

These edgy pieces fit in well with the contemporary industrial which is still popular in our homes and the added light they allow to flow is the main attractions for most home owners.


A perfect blend of luxury and comfort, Velvet is going to be bang on trend in 2020. With social media searches for the fabric going up 400% this year, it's obvious the home owners of today are keen to find out more about the sumptuous look Velvet is key for. Whilst it's not everyone's favorite material, some people remembering the old red/orange velvet upholstery of years past - now in 2020 the industry is really pushing what we can do with Velvet and the colour options have widened dramatically making the possibilities for Velvet furniture in 2020 almost endless.


Designers have been searching the skies for inspiration for years and now some of this has quite literally come off the pages. If you image sophisticated astronomy,stars and suns and zodiac patterns. From subtle hints in accessories like vases and bedding to full blown sun inspired clocks and star mirrors.

Scallops and Shells

Curves are going to be big in 2020 in many forms. From arches in interiors and architecture to curved sofa design and chairs - moving away from the contemporary ridged edges we have been used to. They are creeping into other parts of our homes too, this year in the form of fish scale tiles in bathrooms and floors, kitchen cabinetry and scalloped furniture. This year we show our love for all things curved, wavy and ocean-inspired.

Bold ceiling design

High contrast design in general will be making a big comeback in 2020. The return of a nice bold black will be paired with white and other light neutrals for that fresh yet timeless look. This will also be seen in greater use of line art, graphic and / or Art Deco inspired patterns.

The place this will have the biggest effect is on how we frame our rooms. In 2020 we will no longer be looking for white walls, floors and ceilings but will be experimenting with contrasting colours on the ceiling. Wallpapered ceilings are another way contrast can be incorporated into a room. Not only does it make a truly dramatic statement but it is a place that it is unlikely to be damaged over time.

Two tone kitchens

The iconic white kitchens we had been seeing so much of has slowly been phased out and the darker kitchen has emerged. This trend will continue in 2020. Navy blue and black are the most searched for kitchen on social media and last year over 80% of the kitchen designs we produced at Create Perfect were blue. Whether it’s on walls, floors, cabinetry or splash-backs, it's safe to say that blue has replaced grey as the choice of colour for kitchens.

This year we will be seeing a twist further still on this, as clients start to favor two-tone kitchens instead. From our recent clients, we're seeing much more of the two colors - a dark on the bottom and light on top, along with blending wood with color to either lighten what otherwise might be a rustic feel, or to add 'pop' to the spaces.

Biophilic design

Living walls and tropical patterns won't be the only way we look to connect with nature this year. Biophilia is a new style or trend that incorporates human design and natural elements in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured. The last few years, we have heard lots about climate change and being sustainable. Our customers want to have a stylish home, yet it still incorporates organic elements from the environment to feel that they are doing their part to make a difference.

As interior designers we have been becoming more and more active with the sustainability and the biophilia movements. We have asked where items come from and what impact those items are having on the world around us causing suppliers to react with some great new products for 2020. We personally are also been trying to edge more towards the handcrafted and recycled items than the usual mass produced piece. At the same time, we have been gravitating towards natural, organic and sustainable materials ranging from wood to stone, granite, jute, wicker, and clay which have become more and more popular. 

Spaces filled with these materials emphasize the connections between humans and nature by bringing outside elements in. It contrasts strongly with the fast-paced technological world that surrounds us and offers a sort of escape from it into something more pure and relaxing to recharge. Old-world materials like plaster and lime wash will also be making a resurgence as people continue to look for ways to connect with nature.

Although this means lots of earthy tones and natural feeling spaces (which you know I love).We’ll also be seeing more natural materials with a more luxurious spin like marble finishes in bathrooms and kitchens, accents such as vases and bowls and elaborate lighting. Linen will still be big, but seen in some beautiful jewel tones, with delicate edging rather than raw edge boho look we’ve seen the past years.

Reeding and Wicker

Talking of natural materials, you won't be surprised to hear that rattan/wicker is another materials having a resurgence. The warm and natural feel the material offers is a perfect layer to balance a modern but also traditional style which is one of the most popular styles I see today.

Found on everything from walls to furniture, it brings tactility and texture to interiors which really can't be matahced. This year we are particularly loving the new lighting and furniture pieces available in wicker/rattan materials.

As always if you need more advice or inspiration please check out my Pinterest or Instagram pages or feel free to give me a call on 0208 133 0702 to discuss your project in more detail.

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