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6 Myths about working with an interior designer

Have you ever thought about working with an interior designer? Were you put off thinking it's too expensive or my home is too small? Maybe you worried about whether they would change your home beyond recognition... that your house would no longer feel like home but like a soul less show home with none of your own personality.

working with an interior designer

These are common myths that have somehow built up over the years. But the truth is out there. I'm going to dispel some of the most common misconceptions people have about working with an interior designer. Setting out clearly what you should expect and exactly how working with an interior designer can bring more value to your home renovation project.

1. Designers are expensive

Renovations involve big money decisions which is why budgeting is so important. Interior design should never be cheap. You’re making important investments so it is important not to cut corners. However it should always be affordable so it is important to find a designer who will work within your budget.

Bathroom tile design

Take advantage of designer's insider knowledge for sourcing unique quality items

However what would you say if I told you that smart homeowners hire interior designers to save money. Working with an interior designer helps you make the right choices for your home. Every project has a budget and a designer can help you make the best choices. Decisions of where to spend and where to save are crucial to a successful design project. Whatsmore designers have access to high quality trade only home decor and furniture with exclusive trade discounts. This means they can source high quality items aren't available on the high street at great prices.

Whatever level of involvement you require there will be an option to work with a designer that’s right for you. From simply choosing your colour palettes, to more involved design work like layouts to full project management. At Create Perfect prices are clear from booking your initial consultation to setting out your plan of services, helping you break down your budget and plan your project effectively

2. Designers will whitewash my home with their own personal taste

Whilst it is important that you find a designer who’s taste and style you simply adore, the right designer will work with your favourite things too. They’ll ensure your space is personal to your taste and lifestyle and not just a copy cat version of their last project.

Create Perfect Interior Design

Every home and home owner is different to the project before so your initial consultations should involve an opportunity to view past projects and speak to existing customers to find out what it is like working with an interior designer. You can see Create Perfect projects and 5 star customer reviews over on our Houzz profile.

3. Designers will replace every item of furniture for the sake of it

These days sustainability needs to be at the heart of every project. When sourcing for your design project at Create Perfect we look for quality items that will stand the test of time. Gina is always happy to work with customer’s treasured pieces and never replaces things just for the sake of it. Bringing an especially personal aesthetic to a home often involves sourcing from beyond the high street for to find truly unique pieces. Vintage and antique pieces for example can really bring a beautifully curated sense of style into your home.

Create Perfect Living room Design

Vintage leather chesterfield sofas sourced for a Create Perfect interior design project

4. Designers are just for people who don’t have time to do it themselves

Whilst you may have a great eye for colour, designers have studied interior design inside out through college and then in the homes they’ve worked on. Bringing this experience into your home renovation project is always worth paying for. They not only consider colour but function, space layout, budget, time and project management. Bringing all of these skills together is their forte. They’re also well connected and experienced problem solvers. Issues that may bring a novice project grinding to a halt have usually all been seen before and can be solved with a few phone calls.

5. I have a small modest home, I don't need an interior designer

Your home is one of your biggest assets. Whether it is large family home or a small 1 person apartment every home deserves to have great interior design. Creating a well designed home not only protects your investment and makes your property easy to sell or rent out, but will also give you a comfortable, functional and enjoyable place to live - often hardest to achieve when space is more limited. In small apartments interior designers use clever design techniques to create space saving solutions whereas in large homes they’re adept at creating a cohesive scheme that brings the whole house together.

6. I don’t need an interior designer until after I’ve finished building

It’s best to involve your interior designer from the earliest planning stages in your build. This ensures that your home is built from the ground up to create the room you desire.

Create Perfect 3D Design

3D Interiors plans help visualise a space before the building work begins

Taking into account advice from an interior designer on things like lighting design, power-points and even the location of doors and windows from an early stage in your renovation project can make it much easier create an effective layout for perfect room design and save on making costly or irriversable mistakes later down the line.

For straight forward advice to get your interior design project underway book a consultation with Gina today


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