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3 types of coffee tables that are child-friendly

I don't know about you but most little ones I have ever worked with ...or had myself have used the coffee table as their station for the day. That’s where they have their snacks, play with toys, family games are played and puzzles are done.… it’s even where my youngest learnt to pull herself up and take her first steps.

Because these pieces of furniture are such an important part of kids' lives we often have to them into account when designing our client's homes, avoiding bumped legs or heads where we can.

Now we are not saying this will completely avoid injury, as unless you wrap it in bubblewrap there are still the grown-up who don't look where they are going and that illusive lego brick that falls off the table, but we have come up with our top three types of coffee tables that should help minimise the bashes and bumps where possible.

1 - Rattan Coffee Table

If a fabric table isn’t your thing or you just love a natural fibre material then rattan is both great for your design eye and for your child. From a designer's point of view, we also love that these tables add both texture and pattern to designs too.

The only thing you want to be careful of is weight. Rattan especially tends to be very lightweight which isn't always great if you tend to put lots of drinks down or for those young toddlers learning to walk. Of course, it also does mean it's a great lightweight option for those who need to move their coffee table regularly for floor games, yoga or multipurpose rooms like a guest bedroom comes games rooms.

There are lots of different styles and finishes available now so have a good look around as colour and form can affect your overall look. Here are a few we love or have used in past projects:

2 - Upholstered Ottoman

An upholstered ottoman is probably your safest bet when it comes to avoiding all potential trips to the emergency room! Not only are they great for kids but they add colour, texture and versatility to your rooms. Leather is another bonus option here too, the fabric makes them easy to clean.

Another bonus to the upholstered coffee tables is that, if your room desires a square or rectangle look in the coffee table this can still be achieved too. Here we have gathered a selection which includes different fabrics and shapes as well as some that add pattern and texture! There is so many choices to fit your style and scheme.

3 - Round or organic-shaped coffee table

The round or organic coffee table is a great child-friendly shape. This is perfect for whatever materials you would like to use or which works with your scheme. As we mentioned adding round and upholstered would be the number one in safety, rattan and round is another great option ...but if you are past the need to stay away from wood or metal this opens up your options even further.

There is a world of choice available in round, oval or organic shapes. We removed the rattan and upholstered ones and have added some with a different look and feel in a range of materials below.


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