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5 Tips for Perfect Dining Table Pendant Lights

Tips for Dining table pendant lights

Choosing the correct lighting for your dining room is crucial in creating the perfect ambiance to enjoy a relaxing meal. Pendant lights over the dining table are a key focus in dining room decor and with so many choices around it's hard to know where to start. Here's 5 quick tips to help you design the perfect pendant lighting scheme for your dining table.

1. How to hang a pendant light over a dining table

First of all lets look at the practicalities. Low pendant lights create an atmospheric and cosy feel over the dining table however, bear in mind for safety pendant lights should be hung so that the bottom of the light is at least 75 cm from the table.

Round glass pendant light

Medium Cow Bell Pendant Light from Loaf - £95

Between the edge of the table and the light you should allow at least 30 cm. This prevents accidents from people bumping into the lights. Bearing in mind many pendants are made of glass, safety is a really important consideration.

2. Creating an atmosphere

Use pendant lights over the dining table in collaboration with the lighting in the rest of the room. If your dining table is in an open plan kitchen-diner, pendant lights help with zoning to create a focus over the dining area. Once the cooking is over turn off bright task lighting such as ceiling spotlights in the prep areas to make the dining table the star of the show. Wall lights, under cabinet LED strips or kitchen island pendants on dimmer switches mean you’ll still be able to see your way around the kitchen but the table will still be the main focus.

Image Credit: featuring the Ferm Living Collect Pendant Light £159 each

Similarly if your table is in a dining room use dimmers on wall lights, picture lights and lamps in the room to create a warm glow.

3. One or more pendants?

One statement pendant can look fabulous over a table.

Image credit: featuring the Vitra Clava Dine Pendant Light in White £159

You never really know what works until you try it but generally speaking round shaped lights will suit either square or round tables but square or rectangular lights look best over rectangular tables.

Hurn and Hurn pendant lamp

Image credit: featuring the Bloomingville brown glass pendant light £75

Additionally contemporary rooms suit two, three or more pendants grouped together over a dining table. Two large or three smaller pendants work well over an average sized 6 seater dining table.

Image Credit: Fritz Fryer featuring the Fritz Fryer Hay Coolie Pendant Light £160

For rectangular tables hang the pendants in a line along the table at the same height.

Over round tables hang multiple pendants at different heights. Usually when working with groups choose odd numbers - 3 or 5 for a larger table.

Image Credit: Chaplins Furniture featuring the LT05 Pendant Light by E15

For a fun, bold and contemporary look multiple mis-matched pendants grouped together can really make an impact. Play with the concepts of size, shape, and colour.

Image Credit: Chaplins Furniture featuring the Paros Pendant Light £560

Here the same style of pendant has been matched with a different shape from the range.

Image Credit: Featuring the Pooky Pluto Pendant Light £100, Regular Luxor Pendant Light £80, Borealis Pendant Light £120

Image Credit: Chaplins Furniture featuring the Ravel light designed by Oriano Favoretto for Catalan Italia £1085

The Ravel pendant light shown above has a unique expanding shade made from rubber, so that you can recreate the size and shape of it to perfectly suit your table.

Another option is to choose one light fitting which hosts several pendants or bulb fittings.

Image credit: featuring the Menu Cast Cluster Light £220

Modern multi-arm chandeliers are a recent lighting trend which look great in scandi-style homes alongside mid-century modern dining furniture.

Image Credit: featuring the TR Bulb Frame Suspension Light £680

This linear multi-light chandelier works perfectly here as the spheres perfectly echo the curve of the table.

4. Choosing a dining table pendant

Start with the size of your table and then consider the size of your room. Once you’ve taken the measurements of your dining table you’ll have an idea of the maximum size of pendant light you can choose.

Image Credit: featuring the Light Years Suspense Pendant Light in Black £394

Pendant lights are an ideal piece for really making a statement so if you want to go large - go for it. Even in small spaces.

Image Credit: Edison Spider Hanging Pendant Lights £89

However avoid traditional crystal chandeliers if you don’t have high ceilings as they draw the eye up and can make a room look smaller and cramped if they are squeezed into too low a ceiling.

Consider the style of your room when making your choices. In a dining room take into account the colour of your walls and the style of the furniture you like to help you make your choices.

Image Credit: featuring the Gubi Semi Pendant Light in Brass £299

Similarly if you are choosing for a dining table in a kitchen-diner consider the colour of and style of your kitchen units.

By now you may be feeling overwhelmed with choices so here's a quick checklist to help you narrow down your choices.

  • Colour - Do you want to complement or contrast to your existing decor

  • Size - One large or several small pendants

  • Dining table - Is your table round, square or rectangular

  • Finish - Glass, metal, wood

Does your decor follow any of these trends? Here's some ideas to consider if your dining room furniture or kitchen-diner style is:-

  • Artisanal - Oversized bamboo and rattan

  • Mid-Century Modern - Classic coloured industrial metal pendant

  • Rustic Industrial - Hanging cables with cage pendants or Edison bulbs

  • Vintage - Lantern style pendants and chandeliers

  • Urban Apartment - Sleek black multi-arm chandelier

5. My favourite dining table pendant picks

Here's some more inspiration for you with some of my favourite pendant lights that I've come across this season.

Clockwise from top right

Menu Cast Pendant Light Shape 4 from £230 Trikonasana Ceiling Pendant Light 3 Arm from £139.99 Atelier Areti Two Spheres Ceiling Light from £491 Resident Tri Pendant Light from £1,894 Pixie Pendant from £120 MENU Tribeca Harrison Chandelier by Soren Rose from £499.95

Clockwise from top right

Industrial Pendant Light clear medium from £279

Kubu Bamboo Pendant Light from £219

Broste Copenhagen Zap Pendant in Bamboo from £57 Aplomb Suspension Light from £329 Pilke 80 Pendant Light in Birch from £785 Pilke 18 Pendant Light in White from £358

Clockwise from top right

Muse Pendant Light from Urban Avenue £146 Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant Ceiling Light - Black - Large from £868 Petite Friture Cherry Pendant Lamp - Black Rainbow - Large from £392

Gubi Semi Pendant Light Black from £238

Tom Dixon Beat Light Tall – Black from £325

Petit Friture Chains Pendant Ceiling Light - Black - Triple from £494 Belly Ceiling Pendant Light Large from £244.99

Clockwise from top right

Cullen B 5 Arm Chandelier - Mullan Lighting from £728 Terrace 1 Light Pendant Antique Chrome from £86.40 Antiqued Golden Globe Pendant Light from £84.99 Chicago Pendant in Black from £129 Dynamo 1 Light Pendant in Antique Chrome from £96 Spidey 6 Arm Industrial Pendant Light from

If you'd like more advice on dining room design, contact Gina Everett and find out more about Create Perfect interior design services.

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