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The gift guide for stylish mums

Although I love interiors (as you know), I also love most things that you can see have been made well and made with love. I love the finer things in life if you want to believe West Elm and the trend prediction for my star sign discussed in our previous post.

Being a mum of two, one of which is only 6 months old, the thing I am loving most right now is my Sanda Aromatherapy eye mask - it's highly recommended. Launched this year, Sanda aromatherapy eye pillows are filled with flax seeds, dried herbs and flowers which shape around the contours of the eye, while the gentle pressure relieves tension and triggers the mind to feel reassured and relaxed. Handmade from organic linen, the pillows come in seven different scents, including Eucalyptus & Peppermint to awaken the senses in the morning, Cinnamon & Orange to uplift and improve concentration and focus, Rose & Cardamom for that zen calm and balance, and Lavender & Chamomile for deep relaxation and peaceful sleep - guess which one I am using!

Whether I am using it during a quick five minute refresh or meditation it is so surprising how the scent can take you away and really help you relax. If it promotes good sleep then it's a winner with me!

And talking of sleep, if you really want to give your mum a great nights sleep.. after all she deserves it... I am currently recommending to clients the Luxury 600 Thread Count Bed Linen from Secret Linen Store. It's not only helping to keep me feeling cosy and relaxed between the night time baby calls but it adds a feeling of luxury to the room and works well with my scandi, neutral feeling space. I don't think there are many (if any) styles this wouldn't work with. Made of sateen, 100% cotton (50% Egyptian Cotton) it has a softness you need to feel to believe.

Now, the finer things in life for me include food and drink, being on the go most days I love a good packed lunch - which M&S usual helps with.. but a cool bag is essential for any mum that needs to eat on the run. She needs something that is stylish and goes with a classy wardrobe but it also practical.

This lovely bag from Navigate is particularly useful because it goes from a lunch bag to a tote as required. It's neutral colour work well with most wardrobes and doesn't cramp your style when you need to carry into a clients home or get it out on the train or plane.

To go with this I would put in a polite request for the Ohelo Tumbler. These gorgeous tumblers have a unique leak-proof lids which is a thing I have struggled with in the past. The innovative stainless steel mesh attachment has multiple uses, from a tea strainer, protein shaker to a milkshake mixer. Both the mesh and its seal can be removed when not in use. It's also coffee shop compliant which is great for me on the road.

It's BPA, BPS and BPF free and the last box ticked... it's dishwasher safe. What I particularly love about this product and what will make it a hit for any planet conscious mums is that it's reusable and recyclable - even the packaging is both recycled and recyclable too. As well as being gorgeous of course, it should be on the list of any mum who likes a drink on the go.

But of course it all comes back to the home. I don't only take pride in my home but it literally determines how I feel about life, myself and what I do. Whilst flowers are a lovely touch that bring life to home (who doesn't like receiving them) this year I have loved being introduced to The Urban Botanist. A fabulous brand and product, I am loving their Geometric Terrariums and Eco-spheres - definitely one to check out.

The pieces are so eye catching and really add a unique touch to your space. Featuring clean lines and stunning design choices they are easy to maintain with low-maintenance plants. These include succulents, cacti and sansevieria. All of which have been specially selected just for you by a team of botanical experts. The plants rest on a bed of preserved Reindeer moss, which adds an attractive contrast to the vibrant green colours. Just like any plant, they work to absorb carbon dioxide, purify the air around you, and help you relax and reduce stress. Importantly for gifts, they also come already assembled so no fussy work - unless your mum is into that and then there are the DIY kits which is sure to be a hit!

Lasting more than a few days these stunning pieces are just like a work of art, a lovely natural touch to any sideboard or center piece to a dining table. You can also add a little extra frill just for mothers day with some LED fairy lights to help highlight their already natural beauty and a customised wooden disc. I seriously can't see any mum being upset with this gift!

Of course whilst practical and pretty things are always a hit, almost all of us have a hobby of some sort that our loved ones can utalise when it comes to mothers day gifts. Whether it's a little something for the garden as Spring approaches, a new set of paints for the keen artist or a magazine subscription... sometimes it just takes a little bit of searching for the right thing.

My own mum is a keen puzzler so when I found Wentworth Wooden Puzzles I was a little excited. The traditional wooden jigsaws are British-made (you know that ticks my first box), they come with a drawstring cloth bag and high quality box which make it the perfect gift but they also have these amazing whimsy shape pieces. They are designed to match the theme of the puzzle and add challenge and intrigue along the way - all the boxes ticked for me.. and mum. The range is wonderful, with choices from classic designs like The Stary Night, to scenes like the one I chose (Woodland Wildlife) or you could even go for a custom puzzle like this one pictured, made especially for mothers day. It's so nice to have found something that I know will peak her interest and really say that I have thought about her - once shes gone wood I am sure she won't go back!

Whether you chose to get your mum something she loves doing, something to brighten her day ...or her home, I am sure it's safe to say you're sending it with love and that's what really matters. Happy Mothers Day xx

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