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  • Gina Everett

Autumn Colours 2020

As we make our way into Autumn, warm hues and cosy colours surround the interiors and fashion world. From burnt oranges to luxe reds and blues. Working from the Deluxe Autumn colour report I am taking a look at some of the top Autumn 2020 colours that are running through our interiors.

Design Shanghai / Create Perfect

When I think of Autumn a pumpkin is generally the first thing that comes to mind. That colour is pretty distinctive. As you can imagine, this orange comes through in the 2020 pallet. This is the form of Amber Glow, a radiant autumnal orange, it promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression.

I love seeing this colour and similar warm oranges come through in our interiors; in the Aumun room set in our stores, the background of our TV adverts and the new season fashions. It tells us that Autumn is on the way.

Alongside, and working well with the orange, we also see a sumptuous purple in our Autumn colours. A hypnotic purple shade, Magenta Purple intrigues and mesmerises. It envelops our senses hinting at the darker side of Autumn.

Below you can see how deep purple pairs with the burnt oranges, and with the addition of the colour of the year 2020 (Tranquil Dawn) on the ceiling.

Switching sides now, we move to the cooler colours of the spectrum to dark and luxurious blues. A boundless blue hue, the Classic Blue is evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky opening us up to a world of possibilities.

It balances the warmer autumnal pallet nicely offering somehow even more richness.

Also on the cooler side of things, we have a green-blue of Ultramarine Green. A deep cooling blue-green it exudes self-assurance and poise. Also working well with the colour of the year (see image below) and with a few spots of that orange, this colour adds to the natural vibes I love in my own interiors.

Heading back to the thoughts of pumpkins, this reminds me of the greens and blues you see in foliage popular a little later in the Autumn season. Keep in touch for our Autumn in the garden blog post coming soon.

Moving back to the warmer pallet, a little unexpectedly, we have the optimistically rebellious Green Sheen. It is a bold acidic yellow-green shade that always stands out and adds a fun twist to the Autumn tones.

It's really refreshing to see this punch through the more sombre pallet. Great for those who may be suffering from the seasonal affective disorder and want a little pick me up in their interiors.

The last of the colours I would like to touch on from the Autumn pallet is the gorgeous pinks that run through.

Whether it's the gentle dusky pink of Rose Tan, that imparts a sense of composure or the nurturing Peach Nougat which embraces us with it's inviting warmth, these pinks certainly give the pallet an overall delicateness which I adore.

They work beautifully with the oranges, deep blues and greens but could also stand alone in a room to offer an on-trend autumn colour that is softer and cleaner in appearance.

I see this autumns pallet as both fresh and classic at the same time. With colours that can be enjoyed in combination or individually depending on the room and your preference. It's certainly something I am looking to implementing more of as the season unfolds.

They work beautifully in conjunction with the 2021 colour of the year too, Brave Ground. So why not get the base of your room in the 2021 future trend and layer some seasonal tones on top ready for the following month.

xx Live Beautifully xx


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