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  • Gina Everett

Creating Multifunctional Spaces and Savvy Storage

Our homes play many roles these days, acting as an office and study space for most of us, a playground and much more after last year's lockdown.

As this new way of life looks like it's here to stay, multifunctional furniture and accessories that allow us to make the most of the limited space are vital. We’ve curated a selection of our favourite products to give you some inspiration.

Your bed is the biggest and most important part of your design when it comes to bedrooms or guest bedrooms, but sometimes we need multifunctional spaces where we can also sleep.

With items like this High Sleeper from Little Folk Furniture, kids can now get more from their room, offering a bed and storage as well as a futon which can be used every day as a reading or relaxing chair but then pulled out for sleepovers.

Another one I think is useful in today's homes, is the small biggie from Snug. Every day this is a large 1.5 snug chair, and goes to a nighttime single bed in one easy fold-out movement with a seamless design.

Well, we always like to bring you something different and I am very excited about this new light from Gingko. Gingko sculptural lights combine functionality with elegant, modern design. These baton lights are so sleek and elegant to fit with most styles.

Made with a real wood magnetised adhesive base, which can be fixed to a moist surface, the frosted baton light can be positioned anywhere you desire without any wiring, as a wall light, travel light or even as a bedside table light. You can even pull off the baton and use it as a torch. The light can stay on (to off) or set it to light up in the dark when it detects motion. A really useful piece for any room.

Although maybe not multifunctional in the most exciting way, we also can't get enough of the Gingko smart diffusers. I first experienced these when having a massage in a spa and the effect was memorable. They allow you to emit a scent around your space whilst also being a table lamp. Ideally for hallway sideboards or consoles, bedrooms, spas or bedside tables.

As interior designers working all over the UK, we have worked on very small properties where space matters. Sometimes living rooms and dining rooms need to be in the same place. The Furl Horizon table allows this perfectly and stylishly.

It's a well-proportioned coffee table that easily converts to a full-height dining table cleverly leaning forward to allow leg space and sides for you to sit comfortably on your chair or sofa. It's ideal not only for eating but can also convert your sofa or dining area to an office/work area.

Talking of desks. This is probably the number one problem our clients have. How do we fit in a desk, an office or somewhere to work?

There are several new designs which work really well offering multifunctional furniture pieces. Furl are one example of a company who have products just like this.

Another would be Woodendot which offers a stylish and practical fold-down desk. Inspired by the movement that birds draw on the sky when they move their wings up and down, Alada is a timeless and discreet folding desk that allows you to take the most advantage of your space.

Thanks to its careful functional design it seamlessly transforms from a wall desk to a decorative shelf.

Whatever room you are redecorating hopefully you have found some inspiration here to create a multifunctional room to suit your needs. However, if you are still struggling don't forget you can get in contact any time as we have a variety of packages that will ensure you get a room you love.


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