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Decorating your Christmas Table - Our top three themes for 2022

When it comes to decorating our tables for Christmas there is an abundance of choices from what goes on it, to what colours or themes you can use. In this blog post, we wanted to take a closer look at our three favourite themes/colour schemes and how you can achieve them at home.

Fabled Forest

This is by far my favourite style and theame of my own table this year. It's most important element is the colour scheme. Warm greens, whites and natural materials with hints of red. You can add more white or more red depending on the overall look you want to achieve. This style can then include festive woodland creatures like Deer or Robins or can be solely looking at the tree elements of woodlands.

A good thing to start with in this design is the runner. This can hold any major pattern or colour that you want to work through your design.

Deer Runner - Cherith Harrison

White Candles and china can bring a pop to more simple woodland schemes, offering a contrast with the warmer greens.

Dining ware - Layered Lounge

For centrepieces, I generally opt for candles or simple ornaments with greenery. This piece from Ginger Ray works really nicely when entwined with a fir garland or eucalyptus stems.

Crackers in this style can come in many shapes and forms and can be adorned with anything from a velvet ribbon to natural string to give the desired look. They can be stand-alone pieces or can be purchased to match your runner, your serviettes or the overall theme. This year I particularly like these fabled forest crackers from Nancy and Betty.

Nordic Christmas

Unlike the fabled forest design, the nordic Christmas table is less about the colours and more about the materials. There aren't generally prints or animals and there isn't usually lots of adornment. It's more about bringing the materials and contrast of materials forward.

Wood is the most prominent material and is usually paired with linens and greenery. Moss, cones and fir are also popular with the style. As Nordic style is a style that can be used to tablescape all year around - adding elements like touches of glass, fairy lights and faux snow can also be used to enhance the theme of Christmas.

Moving along with the use of materials, table wares are usually fairly plain and made from earthy mat materials instead of glossy white. This is to allow the food to take centre stage and create the simplicity that nordic design favours.

Tablewares - Nordic Ware

The table settings themselves are generally the same. Simple and made up of natural materials. Earthware plates and linen napkins in natural colours are a good place to start. The most authentic way to create the look would be to dress the plate simply with something you have handpicked from nearby woodland. Cones, candles and natural string are also all good options - sparsely used.

Place settings - Lights 4 Fun Imagery

These napkin rings from Pro-cook are well-priced and made from natural grass so are ideal for this type of scheme. They are also large enough to make a good statement and fill the space.

Napkin Rings - Procook

Crackers are not always the best choice with this design. You could simply tie a small gift or treat in a piece of linen and tie it with a simple velvet ribbon. Or add a small white stocking to everyone's chair, keeping the table top itself simple.

If you would still like crackers, then something in a plain colour (like grey or white) would work best. Or these simple ones with a cone / or tree design would work wonderfully too.

Crackers - AnnabelJames

Fairytale Tablescape

For a more elegant and softer Christmas tablescape, look at a fairytale scheme. This takes away from the traditional red, whites and greens and mixes light pinks, crystals and whites with soft greens and sometimes purples.

Whilst the style can include table runners it is more likely to be an overall tablecloth to give a luxury feel. Layering with a voile-type runner can work well here. All about luxury, including gold and/or glass on the table, is a must.

In past times, the more exotic fruit was used during parties as a sign of wealth. The same can be done here so adding exotic fruits gives a luxurious feel to the table. As a striking centrepiece try laying figs, dates, oranges, pomegranates and walnuts down the centre of the table.

Glass is another element which is really instrumental to this style. Try adding the pink and green in the glass elements for a look which allows you to use a simple white table cloth which you may have already in the cupboard.

You could also add glass to the plates and bowls like this glassware from Dibor.

The pinks and purples of this design style don't just look great with gold on the dining table during the day. When you are dining, adding fairly lights and sparkly elements like gold and baubles really brings the design to life.

Adding greenery with the fruit in the centre of the table adds depth if you would like something more substantial. It can also tie in your dining table to the Christmas tree if you have a Christmas tree in the same room.

This design style lends itself well to crackers and this year there are lots on the market to choose from. These beautiful ones are from Rocket St George and have the pink and gold of the scheme but also the luxury feel the style exudes.

Whichever style you choose we wish you a merry Christmas and would love to see your tablescape so don't forget to tag us on the socials.

For those of you who aren't decided or don't have time to do your table, please do get in touch or check out our premade tablescape packages which can be purchased online.


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