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5 Ideas for stylish living room storage

It is easy to overlook just how important it is to get the right type of living room storage for any new home design.

Every room has it’s own specific storage needs. In the living room there is a balance to strike between practical solutions and and creating decorative character.

Books, blankets, magazines, TV remotes etc all need to live somewhere. In addition if you have kids you’ll have toys and games everywhere! Adquate storage makes life so much easier if to tidy this away so you can relax in the evening. Stylish living room storage also makes it possible to quickly and easily make your home look presentable when guests arrive.

What kind of living room storage should you choose?

Some things to think about when considering your choice of storage. If your room is large use the floorspace for your storage. Sideboards and bookcases along walls will break up the space and create focal points in the room.

Coffee tables, side tables and console tables are all great solutions for storage alongside your sofas. Coffee tables and side tables provide a practical solution for your tea and nibbles whilst watching TV from your sofa.

Console tables as well as low bookcases and chests of drawers can also work well behind sofas in large rooms. Use tall vases and lamps to create height to break up the space in the room.

Do bear in mind though that if you plan to put lighting on a surface in the middle of the room you will need to plan in a powerpoint in the floor. This is necessary for safety otherwise you’ll have cables trailing across the floor.

If you have a small living room you’ll need to be smarter with your space. Try and use wall height over floor space. For example tall bookcases and high wall mounted shelving. Create a feeling of space by keeping the storage to one wall of the room.

For example if you have a fireplace and chimney breast create your storage solutions in the alcoves on either side. This leaves clear wall space around the rest of the room.

A mixture of open shelves and concelaled built-in storage solutions around a chimney breast in a Create Perfect designed home - see more of this home in the Robyns Nest House Tour Blog

Alternatively create your storage around your TV which is already taking up wall space

A stylish storage solution around the TV in a Create Perfect Project

Painting your storage the same colour as the walls is a clever space saving trick. It helps it to blend in seamlessly and unobtrusively in smaller rooms.

Store with character not clutter

"A place for everything and everything in it’s place", as the saying goes. The place for toys, stationery, cleaning products, sewing machines or whatever other stuff you have that doesn’t look good on a shelf is tucked away behind closed doors. Save your open shelves for your book collections, vases, photos, ornaments, lamps, plants and scented candles. Another trick for making your open shelves look more attractive is to hide the clutter in baskets or decorative boxes.

There are so many options when it comes to living room storage so here’s 5 ideas for stylish living room storage

1. Sideboards

As sideboards are freestanding furniture they are very versatile for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. With solid doors they can hide a multitude of sins whilst you can gracefully style the surface of the sideboard so no one would guess at the clutter inside! In addition in smaller rooms choose a sideboard that will also multi-task as somewhere to put the TV.

Hampton Sideboard by Cox and Cox

There are so many different styles of sideboard to choose from. Choose one in keeping with the style of your home to suit the theme of your decor or alternatively choose a stand out design to make a statement piece that is feature in itself

2. Built-in storage

Built in storage is a great solution for awkward spaces as it is designed purposefully to make the best use of the available space. You can choose whether it is open, closed or a mixture of both.

This built-in cabinetry in a Create Perfect project makes the most of an awkward corner space. Creating storage space a window seat and providing a surface for the TV

It is also good when you have a specific need in mind. Perhaps you want exactly the right size shelves to store your collection for example of vinyl records, potteries or whatever you collect.

3. Open wall shelves

Open shelves are a are popping up in trending kitchens and bathrooms lately. Choose floating shelves in colours that match your walls for space saving or bring in the warmth and rustic texture of natural wood or metal.

Image: Garden Trading Farringdon Double Wall Shelf available from Hurn and Hurn

Ideal for small rooms as they allow you to take advantage of high wall spaces. Think over door frames and above windows. In larger spaces choose feature designs which are statement in themselves

This shelf and mirror combination from Cox and Cox looks great in small living rooms or hallways bouncing light to create a feeliing of space

4. Freestanding shelves

The main advantage to bookcases and freestanding shelves is that you’re able to move them around the room so you can easily change up your room style. If you’re worried about the clutter being on show use boxes or baskets to contain everything so it is tucked away but still easy to find.

Add a touch of rustic industrial style with these freestanding rustic industrial shelves from

5. Coffee tables and ottomans

Coffee tables with shelves and drawers provide multi level storage to hide away things such as coasters, books magazines and tv remote controls when not in use.

Clap Trap Coffee Table from features a shelf and drawer to keep things tidy

If you have a coffee table with a single surface use a tray to contain these things which you’ll want to hand quickly. You can also style up your tray with more decorative items such as house plants flowers or scented candles.

If you need advice on planning a living room that works for you and your lifestyle book a consultation with Gina to guide you through your options to plan your perfect space.


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