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A Down to Earth Retro Design - Mark & Vicki's Lounge and Diner

Create Perfect Interior Design

This week i’m sharing another Create Perfect interior design project on the blog. This one is the modern family home of Mark and Vicki on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. The home belongs to the young family of four and their big beautiful dog!

The scope of the project was to redesign the living room and dining area of the home. The clients were stuck with how to progress and needed a designer’s touch to pull their ideas together. From the briefing session at the clients home, Gina discovered they wanted to create an inside-outside, nature inspired design as they are very outdoorsy people. Their hobbies include dog walking, camping trips and lots of fun outdoors activities.

They also love a spot of colour and wanted a retro/vintage feel to rooms whilst avoiding a cliched shabby chic look. They mentioned the room-sets in the popular TV show Cuckoo which is where Gina eventually took some of her inspiration.

Lounge design

Gina created the room design, lighting plans and 3D imagery. Once this was done they then implemented the design themselves whilst Gina was on hand for any questions they had along the way.

Creating the design took just a few weeks but it was well over a year until the designs implementation was complete. As with most projects there are always unforeseen challenges. One of the challenges here were sourcing the right wooden beams and installing them in a way that meant they wouldn't fall down a few days later.

Half-way through the project (at Christmas) there was also a leak in the kitchen which meant things had to go on hold for a while.

Dining room design

In this project the main challenge with the design itself was finding a way to zone the long thin room to make it into two separate areas. Gina used the impressive wooden beams as a room divider to help create the zones. Additionally green walls in the living area helped to zone the different sections.

The natural earthy colours complement the wooden floors, beams and furniture. Feature lighting defines the dining area whilst down-lighting between the beams and a living room floor lamp create mood lighting that defines the zones in the evening for enteraining.

Dining Room storage

The clients purchased most of the furniture themselves from the shopping list supplied as part of the packages, in addition to integrating their existing treasured pieces.

Gina used Wayfair to source an inside/outside rug to place under the dining table. A practical solution for life with dogs and children as they are easy to clean. There are also a few vintage and reclaimed pieces Gina sourced - like the pendant light and the crates which were up-cycled into a stylish set of wall shelves.

Longe diner divided with wooden beams

Speaking about the project Gina says, “I love the wooden beams. They were a lot of work and are *very* heavy, but they were well worth it. Built in lighting from above creates great ambient light in the evening, it’s really dramatic and great for entertaining making the space great for the parents to enjoy once the kids are in and they have the house to themselves."

If you have an idea for an interior design project that you'd like to get started on, you can send Gina your ideas via the contact page on our website. Create Perfect offer a full range of services for every homeowner from concept and colour consultations through to 3D design, sourcing and full project management. Book a consultation today. Get your plans put in to action and make this the year your house becomes your dream home.

If you'd like to see how the rooms looked before the transformation check out our Instagram account where we share before and after pictures from Create Perfect projects.

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