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  • Gina Everett

Spiced Marmalade - The Colour of Autumn

Spiced Marmalade seems to encompass the classical autumnal shades perfectly. The perfect balance of warmth, sophistication and character.

If you're redesigning your home and are getting swept away with thoughts of Autumn don't worry. Whether it's used as a statement colour in your space or a subtle accent, an earthy orange hue will effortlessly add a natural glow to any room and help you create a cosy retreat from the cold of the Autumn months, and into the other seasons too.

If you're looking at designing a new room from scratch, your wall finishes are great places to get in this gorgeous colour. Work with darker moodier colours to create warm autumn feel through September to February and then change to cooler lighter colours and floral prints for the spring and summer months.

Lick paint offers the Orange 02 finish which isn't overpowering like some oranges but still has a silky richness and wholesomeness. Paired nicely with navy or a warm green in the winter and greys and whites in the warmer months.

LICK Paint

In the kitchen and bathroom, tiles are a great consideration. One of my absolute favourites is the Hope Ochre gloss brick effect wall tiles from Walls and Floors. It features a Zellige-style glaze for a characterful wall design which pairs wonderfully with white for a style and design that works through the year.

Lighting is instrumental to the design of your home and over feel. Using autumnal tones here can really help warm the space for the winter. Orange as a colour is often linked with playfulness and reminds us of clementines and sunsets as well as pumpkins and dying leaves. This makes it a great colour to use with most styles and rooms.

Loaf has some great orange lighting at the moment - including the Bubble lamp with a glass base and a marmalade shade as well as the slam dunk floor lamp which also comes with the marmalade shade.

Of course, one of the easiest and most versatile ways of getting a punch of Autumnal colours into your space is in soft furnishings.

Blankets and throws are great for laying over furniture or piling on baskets for a cosy, autumn vibe. Cushions are my favourite soft furnishing though - they fill space nicely and feel somewhat more permanent or grounded than blankets whilst not being as permanent as blinds or curtains which would be expensive to change in the warmer months (if that's something you wanted to do).

The way most people choose to add bolder, accents is through accessories. The most flexible of them all is probably something very temporary, like a scented candle which only lasts the season. Or something like flowers which can easily be stored in the winter months and replaced for springtime colours and themes when it comes around. Of course, more permanent things like the artwork can be well balanced with other items to make a year-round design too.

One piece that comes to mind is the Hazel face poster from Desenio. Not particularly linked to a season in neither design nor style, it works well in most interiors and adds a real pop of colour which can be paired with almost any other colour.

All items listed above and an Autumn candle Set by Beaumonde.


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