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  • Gina Everett

What about Earth Day 2020?

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement. Today, April 22nd is Earth Day and a day people have been gathering to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. In 1970, according to, around 20 million Americans assembled to demand we pay further attention to the protection of the planet. As a result of this event, activists around the world gather each year to mark the day and continue to get the word out.

Of course ironically, this year Earth Day is taking place midst a global, deadly pandemic, the likes of which the world has seen in decades. This means that the events and gatherings have been cancelled and although it may be the first year since 1970 that they have been, it also means it may be the first year that our actions today may actually be having a massive impact on healing the Earth.

Our skies are clearing of pollution. Most recently, locals in the Indian region of Jalandhar in Punjab tweeting photos of the Himalayas, now visible for the first time in 30 years following a drop in air pollution. Wildlife is returning to newly clear waters including our own Themes and the waters of Venice.

Around 8 out of 10 flights have been cancelled and the price of crude oil has actually gone into the negative - meaning the companies are paying other people to take it away! Yes, you read that right.

The earth is fighting back and although the news and our everyday lives seem far from fine, it is a little ray of hope to see the world healing and knowing that out of such a horrible time, there maybe something positive.

Although we can't gather at these events or protest in the ways we used to, there is still plenty you can do at home to help the planet. Below I have added a few choice items which you add to you home which promote sustainability in their materials or recycling.

Whether you go green with the recycled synthetic microfibre duvet, made from recycled PET plastic bottles or try an eco-friendly bamboo pendant light which has been handmade in Vietnam; even if you get the bold geometrical patterns and exquisite colours of a basket hand-woven with love by female weavers in Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana (each one of a kind, Vegan and Fair trade)... there's lots of products and things you can when choosing new items to adorn your home.

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