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7 tips for designing the perfect bedroom

Here are our top 7 tips and things to think about when you're designing your own bedroom. These will ensure you get the designer finish that everyone dreams of for this relaxing personal space.

Get the colours right

The wall colour of your bedroom can change its look completely. Most people opt for a light or pale colour to make the room feel light and open. Light blue is a great choice because it helps induce sleep and relax your mind ready to unwind. White and greens also work really well giving the right mood and feel to the space. Whilst this look is actually on trend for 2023 - check out the post - it is also a timeless look so will work for several years to come.

Remember to always test colours in the space they will be placed and to do oversized samples rather than small test patches. Always do two coats.

Make sure to light your space correctly

Unless there’s no other option, I always avoid putting beds in front of windows - this partially blocks the light. Beds should be placed opposite or adjacent to the windows.

You’ll also want to make sure your bedroom is properly lit when it’s dark out. To do this the best option is a centrally place a ceiling light which can be a feature or something more simple - depending on your style. You can then layer with table lamps on a nightstand or bedside wall lights to give a more comfortable lighting scheme.

Also, consider black-out curtains or layering window treatments for bedrooms with lots of light. This gives you a more flexible scheme and allows you to decide how much light is allowed in depending on the task you're completing.

Think about the layout

It's important here to look at what fits in your space, keeping everything in proportion and ensuring you have manoeuvring space for dressing and getting around the bed or bedroom storage units.

You may also like to think about where natural lighting is coming into your space and ensure furniture is placed accordingly.

Make an impact with the bed

The most important item in the bedroom, it is best to think about the bed after you have a theme and wall colours decided. You should also already know your layout - this lets you know how much space you have to fit the bed in to ensure the proportions are correct.

Don't forget, this is a big investment so do your research and try/test mattresses where you can.

Carefully consider your storage need

Think carefully about what storage you need in your room. Do you have lots of personal items, bags or maybe shoes? Do you need hanging space or lots of drawers?

Guest bedrooms will require different storage to kids' rooms and both will require different storage to the master bedroom. It is also worth considering if you will be selling the property in the next five years so should be considering its future use. With larger budgets, custom or fitted furniture is a great option as it can be personalised to you, but this often isn't worth the investment if you are planning on moving in the next few years.

Don't forget the decor

Reflect on your personal style and tastes within your decor. You can go for a decor theme or just stick to a group of colours you like. This can be added too, in the rug(s), artwork and cushions. These add a personal touch but can also add depth to the scheme. Reinforce themes and add life which lifts the scheme to the designer level.

Create a seating area (if there's space)

A chair in the corner or a bench at the end of your bed is always a practical addition to the bedroom. Having at least one place to sit down in your bedroom (that isn't your bed) is great but also acts as somewhere to throw clothes when getting dressed and as a feature area where you can add texture and maybe some pattern.

If you have any problem with your bedroom design or need help with the finishing touches, do get in touch and let's start creating your perfect bedroom today. Contact Us.


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