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Brands We Love - Johanna Fleming Between Art and Design

We have had the pleasure of helping TV and Theatre sensations Danny Mac and Carley Stenson design the home of their dreams this year and art is a key component in achieving bespoke interior design schemes that really makes a house feel like home.

We have loved collaborating with artist and designer, Johanna Fleming. Her unique drawing style hovers between dream and reality which has helped bring our clients visions to life. Using illustrative prints in an interior scheme adds decorative detail, colour and depth but it’s also a great tool in creating a strong connection between the homeowner to the space.

Personal taste in artwork is so unique to each individual, perhaps that’s what creates such a strong impact and affiliation to the space?

Images of people, places, animals or landscapes offer unlimited benefits to the client; energising, inspiring and creating a strong emotional connection between the space and the homeowner. In other projects we have used Johanna’s artwork for aesthetic cohesion and contrast, adding playful pops of colour which the client loved. The end goal is ultimately to create a space beyond the client's dream, that is a reality they can feel at home in every day.

Johanna Fleming

Choosing the right artwork

There are several approaches to incorporating artwork in an interior scheme. A good starting point is thinking about how you want the room to look and feel to direct what part the artwork will play in the overall scheme. We love Johanna’s fine art prints, rooted in the natural world.

Johanna Fleming

Inspired Art

Johanna is inspired by the insect world which often features crisp outlines of wispy leaves and velvety flower petals, seductively intertwined with looped vines that trail alongside weightless butterflies gently opening their wings. More of Johanna’s work can be seen featured in Tatler, Vanity Fair and Vogue magazine.

Johanna Fleming

We will certainly be using Johanna’s artwork in other future projects, so keep an eye out on our Instagram page and website to see more finished pieces. One of the things we love about Johanna’s portfolio is that she is not limited to intricate ink illustration. Her collection includes Christmas baubles, detailed ceramics, silk artwork that can be worn and treasured forever. Head over to her page to see her creative collection here.

From the 21st of March- 5th of April 2021 you can also enjoy the Easter Promotion and get 30% off all Fine Art Prints. The code is-JOHANNA30 at the checkout!


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