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Get the look - Carley Stenson and Danny Mac's Home

Danny and Carley have to be some of the nicest, kindest people we have had the pleasure of working with. Not only did they have to manage their project during the lockdown, but also whilst Carley was expecting her first little one.

It was a fun project and the end results are beautiful - like the performances on Dancing On Ice (ITV) last night :)

If you want to get the look of Danny and Carley's home - let's get up close and personal with the open plan design.

The space comprises a two-tone kitchen, a warm and textured living area and a light and spacious dining area.

We were looking for a warm but matt dark grey and a warm undertoned light grey for the kitchen. We paired these with handles from Pushka. We wanted these to have a long brass look which spoke to the industrial side of their style and had a lovely, solid quality to them.

Like most of their spaces, it is all about entertaining. The openness of them as people, friends and family. They have a large bi-fold window that opens to the garden space and a wine cooler on the island. You can get this look by keeping your space as open as possible - use windows, larger walkways and plenty of guest seating to achieve this.

As we were looking for an earthy feel, also remember to dot greenery and wooden elements throughout. Bar stools are perfect for this as are shelving areas.

In the seating area, you want to soften the large expanse of flooring and warm the white walls and large areas of glass. We did this with heavy textures like the leather sofa, the chair and the rug. We then also again, added some wooden elements to tie everything together.

The wood comes through in a custom-made wooden window bench with a rustic feel and an industrial-style coffee table in the centre. Marble side tables keep the centre of the room feeling light but also add some detail with the veining and help reflect light with its' more glossy finish and metal legs.

The dining room area completes this open-plan space. The design was based around a dining pool table Danny and Carley already owned and really wanted to incorporate into their new home.

Again, being great entertainers, not just to us, but to their friends and families too, we kept this space largely open for playing pool and manoeuvring for plenty of guests.

A country dining table is a great start for this look, pairing with matching dining chairs or like Danny and Carley's, going for an upholstered chair and bench combination. We have used many companies for custom tables over the years but here are a couple to get you started.

Accessorising this area, we added warmth with the wall lights in dark metal. Again adding greenery in a nice table centrepiece and standing plants helps frame the area and give a homely inviting feel.

Lighting was another key element to this space. Danny and Carley were keen to get some nice feature pieces in most rooms so in your room, concentrate on getting slightly industrial-feeling island lights and feature lights in key areas. We chose fundamentally modern glass pieces which looked open and inviting to match the overall feel of the space.

If you want to see more of their home, check out our previous post on the project. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy designing your own space and can take inspiration from this fabulous couple's great taste in design. Below we have put together a little board for inspiration and a few pieces that would work to recreate this look.

If you need help choosing any pieces do get in touch - we would love to talk your project through with you.


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