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Designing a snug for 2023 - colour, style and furniture advice

When it comes to designing a living room there are three main points to consider -

  • Colour

  • Style

  • Furniture

As you probably heard from our look at the colour trends for 2023 before Christmas, there is a big emphasis showing on the "Focus of well-being" in our interiors and the colours we use so we are going to show you how to use the latest trends but also create a timeless look for your snug renovation in 2023.

The colours are largely earthy and natural from earthy reds and greens to light to calming blues and purples. For this purpose of our snug, we would want to create a warm, cosy feel so I would opt for the main walls in Farrow and Ball-Bamboozle. As we touched on in the post in October, this colour brings joy and warmth to any room scheme and is easy to use in both traditional and modern homes.

Farrow and Ball - Bamboozle (the bottom colour)

We would pair this with something not white, but a warm neutral on woodwork - from the 2023 new pallet from Farrow and Ball stirabout is a great choice. Inspired by the nurturing porridge favoured over many centuries in Ireland. An earthy tone with just a hint of underlying grey, it’s perfect for creating a relaxed feel, which will never be too cold.

With our colour on the walls and a base for the design, we would also consider a background wall. A feature wall with purpose, these background walls are an after-effect of the pandemic. Creating a wall that's proper and appropriate for a video call or for recording content for blogs and socials. This could be panelling, a feature wallpaper or a statement art piece.

We have several that we look forward to sharing with you over the coming year but one product we particularly like to use for background walls is acoustic slat wood panels for walls and ceilings. It can quickly transform any modern space. Made from veneered lamella strips placed on an acoustic felt backing, these slatted wood wall panels are built to last and look great.

Depending on your budget you can fit one long panel down one wall for a broken wall look (maybe with a lighting strip down one side) or go full wall.

Keeping to tones dark like above creates the cosiness we require for the snug, dark wood, working well with the rich red of Bamboozle.

When it comes to adding furniture we want to look at two key themes which are present in the 2023 prediction on trends but are also pretty timeless to ensure you don't have to replace them each year.

The first is in keeping with that focus on well-being and that is to use organic and cosy materials - woods, linen, cotton, clay and ceramics all being popular choices.

The second is to look at reinvented Heritage pieces. This could be classically styled pieces with modern fashionable pieces or modern trending pieces with more stylish classic fabrics. This results in a style which merges classic decor with fashionable modern designs.

When it comes to the shape and form of your furniture pieces there are two other trends you could look out for in your standard pieces. A recurring trend is shown in arches, we have been watching this one emerge for some time in our inst feeds and it's going to blow up in 2023. Whether it is furniture itself or decorative elements it's one you'll probably put in without even realizing it.

And another fun one here, Fungi, for it's iconic 70's revival and it's overall whimsical look, we look forward to seeing it applied in shapes and print without our homes.

And if red isn't for you, Lavender is a trend in itself this year so feel free to swap out the Bamboozle for something like Digital Lavendar from Pantone.


Abode Living - Vuelta Table Lamp

Heavenly Home and Gardens - Mustard Stoneware Luna Vase

Cult Furniture - Equinox, A1 Print, Black Frame

Sweetpea and Willow - Abstract Arch Stool

Loaf - Teal mirror in blackened bronze

Lime Lace - Woodland Floor Pure Linen Fabric

The fine cotton company - Kendal Herringbone Soft Merino Wool Cushion

Tori Murphy - Holkham Waffle Cushions

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