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How to get the soft tropical trend into your home

Celebrate nature by bringing a Soft Tropic trend into your home. From muted tropical hues to rattan furniture, this trend is an update from the brighter tropical trends we have seen over the past few years. Injecting calm energy and modern vibes, this trend is ideal to refresh your home for Spring/Summer 2020. We have gathered a variety of exotic products to match with the fresh trend.

When it comes to a back drop for this trend, there are a number of fabulous wall papers available that offer exactly that. Think softer hues than that of the in your face tropic trend of before. Light, warm neutrals mixed with calm greens and white or off white works really well. This is usually balanced with further neutral walls and woodwork in warm neutrals or white. Flooring could be light natural woods or carpets in lighter shades - concrete is another modern surface that works really well with this style.

Look for furniture in natural materials like rattan, linen or aged or washed woods. White and light woods soften this scheme and give the style a lightness which is easy on the eye and pleasant to live with.

Jute is ideal for rugs which are perfect for this style, especially where floors maybe can't be changed. We would opt for a circular rug as it softens any edges and gives the scheme it's more relaxed vibe.

Lamps are a great way to get wicker or Rattan into your space too. There are many fabulous designs appearing everyday as you can see from our trends 2020 post. A little black added here and subtly in accessories creates definition.

In soft furnishings and fabrics Palms and botanical prints are still the key ingredient, however the pallet has been updated with the addition of browns and subtle pinks. Paired with green in the past (this the Art Deco period) it'a great to see pink again. Pink really calms the veracity of a vibrant green and in this style, gives a delicateness that was missing from the brighter, bolder tropical style.

And of course plants. With this style don't hold back. Create impact by going big. Playing well against your wicker baskets and soft linens, plants are instrumentalist to this scheme. The star.

This style isn't just for our visual pleasure, it's biophilic approach actually benefits our health and well-being. This isn't only with abundance of greenery cleaning your air, but the style allows for more light and offers an airy and calming colour pallet which lowers your heart rate and makes you feel more relaxed.

Here are a list of our top buys to give you some inspiration - obviously if you need any further inspiration please check out our Pinterest or Instagram or as always, you can call me on 0208 133 0702

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