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Juliettes Interiors - The epitome of luxury

As you know, a few weeks ago we took a look at the luxury boutique bedrooms and how you can achieve that look in your home. In my search, I discovered the luxe brand Juliettes Interiors and just had to share a little more.

Juliettes interiors are justifiably proud of their impeccable skills at interior design and creativity - supplying nobility and royalty as well as individual homeowners and developers. Every item in their collection is chosen for its outstanding quality, fabulous fabrics and finishes, and the attention to detail that I find utterly breathtaking.

I mentioned for the boutique bedroom, creating that real luxurious feel by extending your headboard and creating a look that oozes sophistication with scale. I was first drawn to Juliettes Interiors when I locked eyes on this Italian bed with wide headboard. Perfect for a contemporary sumptuous bedroom.

I quickly learnt that all the furniture at Juliettes Interiors can be customised to create truly individual and bespoke pieces that stand out from the crowd. But this is one brand that also shows, you don't have to go custom to really add wow factor. No expense is spared when it comes to materials - so everything is tactile and oozing class, from walnut veneer tables with gold lead detail to marble side tables.

When it comes to Juliettes Interiors, unlike most other high-end furniture brands, as they design for entire spaces they don't just stop at quality furniture pieces. One of the things we love about them is their range of items.

The lighting is something to fall in love with. Lighting can make or break a room. Not just aesthetically (it needs to look gorgeous) but on a practical level too (can you perform the tasks you need to - with in the space). It can set the entire mood and dictate how the room is used.

Again, it's really an area they outdo themselves in, with this brass and white Carrara marble chandelier which steals the show... to the floor to ceiling light fittings with is beautifully unique and the luxe bathroom lighting.

You can also find a wide range of luxury rugs, accessories and even wall panels which can be used to create statement walls, headboards or just a nice feature area. And if the panels go too far, there is a great collection of designer art pieces that would light up any interior.

Juliettes Interiors is definitely a brand to look out for if you want to create a truly luxurious feel, whatever the room. With twists of Art Decor and such a wide range of items, they can sit well in both contemporary and classic styles too. I love that you can shop from one place and create a look that is truly unique to you ...or let them design the space for you.

Check out their London Showroom or check out their interior design services and products here.


Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali

bedspread help please!?

for some reason i just have a picture in my head of this bedspread that i want...a white bedspreads with like a thick bright turquoise line down the center. has anyonw ever seen anything like this?! if so please help me out with a website!! thanks ps. please just dont leave random websites with bedspreads on them. ive already checked like everywhere.

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