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Luks Linen - Brands we love

We’d like to introduce you to some of the brands we love to work with. To start with say hello to Luks Linen, creators of beautiful turkish cotton peshtemels, blankets and cushions.

Traditional Turkish towels

Luks Linen Summer Brights collection of pure cotton blankets in an assortment of traditional weave patterns

Create Perfect first met Luks Linen when we were sourcing items for our city living room set at the Ideal Home Christmas show last year. The colour palette for the room was soft, warm neutrals complemented by natural textures. We discovered a range of Luks Linen pure cotton blankets and cushions which looked gorgeous in the finished room. The Belgin blanket and matching cushions in taupe were the perfect choice, in addition to soft white cotton bedsheets, to add an air of elegant relaxation to the room.

Luks Linen Cushions

A versatile throw and stylish sofa cushions in soft cotton with a mixture of traditional and modern geometric designs.

How Luks Linen evolved

The Luks Linen brand was formed after what owner Rachel describes as a ‘sun bed epiphany’ whilst on holiday 2 years ago. After discovering the tradition of the Turkish peshtemel - a lightweight cotton textile that has multiple uses - she set out to find authentic, traditional producers to create the range.

Hand made peshtemels

Hand knotting the peshtemels is part of the traditional weaving process

Small communities of master weavers and family ateliers produce the textiles from start to finish. The cotton is grown, spun and dyed locally and then hand loomed into the beautiful designs we see on the website. This sustainable approach is an important commitment to the brand as an alternative to mass market cheap and quick fashion which is literally costing the earth. So much so that Luks Linen peshtemels come with a 10 year guarantee as a testament to their quality. As well as this they are working towards achieving full organic certification by 2018.

The endlessly versatile Turkish Peshtemel

One of our favourite products is the peshtemel. Rachel describes these traditional Turkish textiles as endlessly versatile and we can see why. They can be used as lightweight towels, throws, wraps, baby blankets, scarves or indeed anything you choose. Their ability to absorb water as well as dry quickly means they take up less space and are popular for holiday beach towels. The different styles and colours traditionally represent the different areas of Turkey from where they originate.

The light, quick drying towels take up less space. Ideal for small bathrooms or holiday packing.

Each season brings new designs and colour ways to the range. Designed hand in hand with the weavers and mixing modern colour ways with traditional design. We can’t wait to see what’s coming up for AW 2017.

To discover more visit the Luks Linen website.


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