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How Maker&Son have created furniture both modern and rooted in nature

This week Create Perfect would love to introduce you to Maker&Son and let them tell you a little about how they create this beautifully natural furniture.

The word ‘Natural’ is not often used in the context of furniture. Something natural, our instincts tell us, is something that hasn’t been touched by humans, something completely unmanufactured. But, here’s the thing. We have found that it is possible to make something using entirely natural components. What’s more, we have created furniture that is both natural and modern and the two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

When we started thinking about creating Maker&Son we spent a long time extensively researching both designers who inspired us but also techniques and materials that had been lost in our era of mass-production. We found that many techniques for the creation of furniture built to last, antique you might say, had simply been forgotten. It’s much easier and quicker to glue a frame than a hammer it together, in the same way, it’s much cheaper to use plastic velcro as opposed to a zip.

We only use 100% natural materials in our sofas. Feathers instead of foam and springs sprung from horse-hair in the base. This process takes much longer and, as the manufacturer, costs us more. But our restless desire to do things differently and, most importantly, sustainably, is one of the driving factors behind Maker&Son.

But what about modern? We found we couldn’t fail to be inspired by the design ethos of Scandinavia. Designers like Hans J. Wegner and his stripped back wooden pieces could be interpreted as the apex of modernism in the Bahaus vein. We have been heavily inspired by both the form and the function of the greats of the Scandinavian design world and have used this design ethos as the inspiration for many of our pieces. Also, like many Scandinavian designs, nature and natural materials are at the heart of our pieces.

There is a word in Danish called ‘hygge’ and the most literal translation we have found for this word is “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. We believe that our entirely natural furniture lends itself beautifully to ‘hygge’.

By creating something that is totally natural delivers complete comfort. This feeling of comfort we believe also promotes mental and physical well being. And this, perhaps, is the most modern thing about our furniture. You see, we have prioritised the comfort of our customers over quick manufacturing processes. We have also prioritised the sustainability of our furniture and the future of our planet over and above profit margins.

We believe we have proved that natural furniture can also be both modern furniture both in the way it looks, but also in the mindset that goes behind its creation.

We at Create Perfect love what Maker&Son have created and like most companies we love to work with, we admire the design ethos and work done behind the scenes. If you would like to know more, please see more of their beautiful pieces and order free samples on their website or contact 0800 024 6100.

Please note this is a sponsored post but as always, we continue to work with only companies we have or would use in our clients homes.


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